Randall Lough


  • Programming

    Go, Javascript, Ruby, SQL, Bash, GraphQL, HTML, CSS, Git, Node

  • Libraries

    React, Redux, Rails, Gatsby, Hugo, Docker, Express, Bootstrap, ChartJS, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Redis, Rollup, Webpack

  • Cloud

    Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, Netlify

  • Strengths

    Web Applications, Application Design, Full Stack Development


  • A CLI tool to create project scaffolding | Goapp


    • Engineered an interactive command line interface tool to give developers a quick and easy way to generate a full stack application in a modular way.
    • Created a template schema spec to give developers the ability to distribute and/or use their own templates in an unrestricted manner.
    • Leveraged GO's built in templating language and file generation capabilities to render an unlimited number of files in a variety of file types.
  • Rails + React Full-Stack Web Application | Invoiced

    React, Redux, Rails, PostgreSQL, Docker

    • Utilized Rails' polymorphic association pattern to reduce database constraints, resulting in a lighter weight, more optimal, and ultimately scalable application.
    • Harnessed Redux single-state management to streamline communication between backend and frontend architecture and implement well-rounded CRUD functionality, letting users update their invoices seamlessly.
    • Implemented public or private invoices that the frontend client can handle by making use of persisted data and HTTP status codes.
  • Real-Time Data Fetching Application | CV Watch


    • Architected an interactive Single Page Application in pure Javascript that displays Covid-19 data points and graphs for the nation or individual state.
    • Used the browsers asynchronous/await Fetch API to fetch real-time data from The Covid Tracking Project API.
    • Rendered dynamic line and stacked bar charts using Chart.js from a RESTful JSON response.
  • A PostgreSQL Database Mapping Library | Pgx Scan

    Go, PostgreSQL

    • Designed a library that uses reflection to map PGX PostgreSQL data to basic and/or aggregate type(s). PGXScan removes the developers' manual step of explicitly mapping SQL columns to data types.
    • Gained a well rounded understanding of reflection type operations and where they can (and should not) be used.


  • Marketing Manager | RetailOps
    June, 2016 - August, 2019
    • Orchestrated, designed, engineered and deployed a content driven enterprise scale website using Hugo, Bootstrap 4, and Netlify.
    • Reduced Ad spend while achieving, on average, a 35% month-over-month growth in organic search traffic; and a 840% increase in our key conversion metric (request a demo).
    • Organized customer interviews to communicate our strongest product offering by authoring case studies around their success.
  • Lead Product Manager | TaxProfessionals.com
    December, 2014 - February, 2016
    • Collaborated with a team of web developers tasked with opening up new revenue opportunities and introducing new features.
    • Introduced new user acquisition funnels that improved monthly signup growth by 43%.


  • Eller School of Management, Marketing | University of Arizona
    September, 2009 - May, 2012
  • Software Engineering | App Academy
    November, 2019 - May, 2020

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