What is Goapp?

Goapp, is a CLI tool to get your next project up and running quickly.

Why Goapp?

I typically start a new project the same way every time. I then might open up and an older project and copy something over to this new one. Rinse and repeat this process until I'm happy with the foundation to begin working on the business logic. It's not until I work on the business logic do things tend to differ from project to project.

So what if I had a tool that I could request which components or modules this project requires, and it builds the initial starting point based on the choices I give it. Better yet, what if these generated files is my own code in a structure I like.

That's what goapp does.

It builds only what is necessary for this project and nothing more.

What makes Goapp unique?

Rather than forcing developers into a particular design pattern and processes, Goapp uses your own code or code from the community to create your next project.

Is Goapp a framework?

No. Goapp should be viewed as a starting point. Once your project is created, you're free to move things around.

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